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  1. CHRISTOPHER HIRST 27. januar 2017 kl. 15:58 #

    Dear sir

    I am working as a consultant with Tarmac who produce AAC in the U.K. And investigating the use of large format block elements probably up to 60kg.

    I would like some information on the mini cranes you produce, if they would be suitable for this purpose and also any costs you may have.

    Or do you have a UK partner?


    Chris Hirst

    • admin 27. februar 2017 kl. 10:29 #

      Hi Christopher

      Bygergo.dk is just an informationsite promoting the use of ergonomic technical aids.
      For further information and buying options you must contact the supplier in this case Lissmac http://www.lissmac.com/en/ or Brødrene A & O Johansen http://www.ao.dk/


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